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I've been developing LAMP, WAMP and LEMP applications since 2009. My current and recent apps are invincible to malicious events, are fast and available 24/7. As a web application developer and software enthusiast, that's what happens as the experience stacks up, right?.. Code gets leaner and easier to manage. Many novice developers get "scared" when I show them my code until I steer them to my documentation, which quickly puts them as ease. I really wish Wordpress had the detailed documentation I put in, wishful thinking on that...

I personally guarantee NO ONE can hack my code; since I'm focused primarily on security on users and data along with scheduled tasks. I know what happens between computers talking on the Internet. I hope hitting any application I've built from here on out will make you say out loud, Wow. Then, Nice site.

Here's why

I'm experienced in Cloudflare, New Relic and Pingdom to protect each application and I utilize all major libraries such as Jquery, Bootstrap, Angular, Prototype and Handlebars to provide great user experience. From pre-built systems like Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal to fully customized websites running MVC in a framework; I build them, maintain them, protect them, edit them and promote them. Rapid development platforms like Bootstrap and CodeIgniter are preferred but I can work in any SOA insuring I deliver exactly what my clients want.

Coding in OOP(Object Oriented Programming) is what I do best especially when there's databases involved. I love the organization and re-usability of the coding style. I also believe in automation of certain tasks. My Cron tabs are tightly written to accomplish things in low traffic times. Along with OOP and automation though, your web developer should also be security minded for maximum up time and should know of threats as they are released and know what to do to prevent them. That's me! I hate more than I can print online, spammers and hackers. They have no business sending email that only show their stupidity and no one should ever have access to users' personal sensitive information.

I like to treat each client's or company's website as if the site is my own. No one works harder than an owner and that's how passionate I am about web services. Whether you want a simple CMS, a fully database driven website or a stylish web app, I can help. I write all frontend markup to be SEO friendly; utilizing Open Graph and to push SERPs up for better ROI.

Have a look through this site to get a better understanding of my skills. There's things in here like Obfuscations, Minification, AJAX requests, responsiveness, rendering, Monitization and much more. If you're serious only, I don't work with just everyone, then send me a message to get your web application project started. I invite any corporate recruiter with opportunity to message me as well.

Here are projects that I've written from scratch

Web Developer Services


Lean, organized and fast is how I write all my code in every project

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Search Engine Friendly markup is always integrated for more ROI

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Fast and Protected data is how I drive all my data driven projects

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Hack protection and compliancy to all Governmental Laws

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Monetization is key for website owners

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