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Total Website Company is dedicated to providing exceptional service to all clients. I'm practically giving away services. You won't find a more affordable website management company in the United States.
With nearly two decades in the Information Technology Industry, I've seen just about everything.
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TotalWebsiteCompany is our name and we provide

Full Service Website Management

Anything you need for your website, we provide. If you need marketing and not really interested in Responsive Design, yes I do that. If you need SEO and don't need database management, yes I do that. If you already have a website but just want to change it up a bit, yes I do that. Got a Wordpress site? I do that too. Any and all combinations of my skills can be modeled to your business needs.

I specialize in Responsive, database driven new website builds. I am also proficient in eCommerce platforms such as Magento and Open Cart. Please look around this site to find out more about what I can do for your project(s). I am confident you will quickly want to work with me so I've provide several ways to get in touch.

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Experienced Web Developer

Steve Black
Certified Internet Webmaster

I started my career in Information Technology in late 1999 when many companies were worried about the Y2K Crash. At that time, I worked on servers that ran production for a large food manufacturer. I quickly ramped up my Technology Skill Set gaining experience in network management and user support. I even traveled to London to support a satellite office for a company based in California which gave me the experience in the different standard of date formatting and IP Phone configurations.
In 2009, I steered my career more predominantly towards software and never looked back.


Optimal targeting solutions with Big Data integration

At Total Website Company, implementing strategies to increase conversions with your website visitors is very high on the priority list. Developing code to encourage search engine crawler to return often and provide those crawlers with optimized data to acquire the highest search rank possible.

I integrate the most searched key phrases into your website to help people find your site quickly.


My Strategies are Agile to your Business

Increase your user loyalty and maintaining mutual communication with your clients.

Marketing Strategy

marketing strategy

Total Website Company works with each client to make sure the Marketing strategy accomplishes goals set forth increase Return On Investment.

App Monetization

marketing strategy

Would you like to make money even when people don't buy from you? That's where my Monetization techniques come in.

Store Optimization

online store optimization

Optimize your product lists to see how to move items faster and more frequently. It's always best to not be able to keep items in stock. The way products are presented and what search engine robots see about those products really does matter.

User Management

users management

One of the most important parts of a company that has employees. Keep HR data away from Customer Service, Keep C-Level data away from Warehouse, whatever your segregation requires are, manage it well with our User Management Service.

I can make your app do marketing while you sleep.

My website markup is known as “Search Engine Optimization Friendly”. When a Search Engine's crawler visits your website, it's hungry for “fresh” or “new” content.

“Fresh” content is content that has significantly changed from the last time the same crawler visited the page. Along the lines of a new paragraph added to a section or a new picture added. However, search engine crawlers cannot “look” into an image and know it's a picture of one of your products but it does know what the name of the image is and also looks at a very important property of the image. At a high level, both the name of the image and the text that is inside the alternate tag is what the robot “sees” therefore indexing the content.

“New” content refers to exactly that; complete content that wasn't on the site the last time the robot visited. The best example of this is a whole new page in your navigation or a link to a new page from fresh content. Blogs are very powerful for this purpose. A blog on your site will be seen a “goto” place for new content.

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  • PSR Compliant
  • OOP Method Driven
  • Responsive UI/UX
  • Minified Source Code
  • PCI Compliant


  • Mobile First Concept
  • APP Development
  • iOS / Android Supported
  • GEO Data
  • Cloud Compliant


  • HIPPA / PCI Compliant
  • Lean Data Streams
  • Indexed Queries
  • Redundant Config
  • HASH Masking


  • On Page SEO
  • Email Campaigns
  • Web Master Tools
  • Traffic Analytics
  • Social Engineering


  • SSL Protection
  • 2 Factor Validation
  • Secure Data Delivery
  • Script Protection
  • Access Gates

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